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THIS IS GONNA BE LONG BUT : Happy birthday to the most beautiful man in the universe! I’m so happy that you’re alive, you make me so happy that my other relationships didn’t work so I got the privilege of being with you. I’m so proud to call you mine. You’re an all around great guy & the most sweetest gentlemen. The little hand kisses you give me when were walking makes my heart smile, and when you ask for kisses instead of forcing them on me shows the respect you have, and the warm bear hugs that I love so much even if they squish my tataz, and that baby face you use on me when were wrestling & I’m winning so you gotta cheat cuz you know I’ll stop ;D or the fact that we could just be quiet & enjoy each other’s presence that will never get boring/go to our spot on the playground & talk for hours under the night sky & understand eachother. I could just melt into those sexy brown eyes & devilish eyebrows ;) The fact that you’ve stayed loyal and don’t care what these other females want, but I see these other girls wishing they had what I have with you but I know I can trust you & that’s a relief. When I first met you, I could tell you were unique & not like these other guys out here & I had a thing for yo booty too LOL ;)))) I love you so much. Times are a little hard right now, but I know we can pull through with it together as one. Our relationship is stronger than these temporary problems. One day we won’t have to worry about anyone else thinks is best except our own family. These 5 months that I’ve spent with you are truly the best months of my life & I can’t wait to spend more with you :3 Thank you for being alive, you are my happiness. HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY CHARLAYBEAR ❤️❤️❤️❤️😁😘

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