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Some dumbass dude, some rapper dude [RA the Rugged Man], he was on an interview, I don’t know how I came across it, he was talking about, like, Macklemore, & ‘pushing a gay agenda’ & being white & telling white people to stay in their lane, &, you know, I’m just about humans being equal, everybody’s equal, like, that shouldn’t even be brought up, like, that’s racist, that’s so foul, that’s equivalent to a white guy going ‘Why are you in this fuckin bathroom, you’re fuckin black, don’t ever step—’ like, when you hear someone talk like that, it gives you chills, it’s like, whoa, this motherfucker’s serious right now? Like, it’s 2013, somebody’s really talking like this right now? So, it just kinda, I was like what the fuck, whoever that dude was, whatever the fuck he was talking, like… anybody can do whatever the fuck they wanna do. If Macklemore wants to push for gay rights, why can’t he? There’s no rules to hip hop going ‘You can’t do this or that’, yeah it was founded by certain people who had certain beliefs & things & certain personalities, but come on now, this is EARTH, this is Earth, we’re all just a bunch of ants roaming around, we can do what we WANT, there’s no limits to anything, & like, Macklemore, he can do whatever he wants. & I’m a fan of Macklemore as well & he’s the homie so, if somebody’s talking shit I’m gonna back him up on it, like that’s just stupid to even say that. & aside from that just being like, ‘hip hop is a black thing’, like yeah it may have been started by black people, but it’s evolved so much, & how you even gonna say that when Eminem, so you’re just gonna completely ignore Eminem & everything he’s done for hip hop, so he just doesn’t exist then? & Eminem is like 50% of the fucking rap game if you ask me, so you’re just gonna completely ignore that, like that’s so stupid to say. Like come on now, it’s 2013, racism shouldn’t even be an issue anymore, like, hip hop has evolved, life has evolved, & there are still racist people out there but that’s just so stupid to say. There are dope MC’s, black, white, Chinese, everything, there’s so many dope MC’s of different races & it’s just dumb to say that. That just shows a lack of intelligence to say that.
Hopsin [x] (via rawunmedicatedheartt)
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